Nola cafe, 89 Ma May, Hanoi.

So, as a student of travel and hotel interest about services in my country grows everyday.

I thought that big 5-star hotels and restaurants has the highest rating ¬†instead of “normal” hotels and restaurants around the Old Quarter of Hanoi. But I was wrong.

I’ve been in some five star hotel like Movenpick or Crown plaza, Sofitel plaza. I’m not talking about the¬†facilities, the foods, but the attitude. In Southern Vietnam, receptionists always win awards from contests that National Department of Travelling every year. Tourists love to travel in southern Vietnam too. I don’t say that staff’s attitude here is bad, but it’s fake. From Hue, it starts to change. Everyone makes you feel comfortable. Makes you feel that you’re being taking care of. I always love that feeling when I visit Hue and Da Nang some years ago, and I thought that I would never see something like that in Hanoi. I was wrong again. Yesterday, I visited Nola cafe. We planned to go to other cafeteria but it was closed, and my friend took me there, with the recommend of her German friend. It was evening so I couldn’t take pictures of other area, but this is where we sat.

 photo Photo2188_zpsc2cdc9ed.jpg

 photo Photo2190_zps9f356965.jpg

One piano and 1/4 cello. I think they’re just for decorating, since the cello is on the world, with only three strings, lost brigde. I think if it’s set up, it will sound beautiful, as I see, it is an ancient one. And the keys of the piano are so heavy!

 photo Photo2192_zpsb06f6819.jpg

Ceiling is beautiful with this chandelier.

 photo Photo2189_zps4e686ed5.jpg

Old style lamp and bookshelf. That type of fan can only be seen in the last decade. How nostragic.

 photo Photo2191_zps3410cb47.jpg

 photo Photo2194_zpse627347c.jpg

I ordered mocha.

 photo Photo2193_zps32659fe8.jpg

I couldn’t try all foods here, but the drinks were good.
And the most important, attitude. They were really ” dedicated” and said ” thank you” after the payment. I’ve just never seen this in any cafeteria in Hanoi O_O even in big restaurants. It makes me want to come back.

Oh, after the training course in Crowne Plaza, I forgot to write a review about the horrible things happen behind the customers. But should I? It will ruins the fame of this hotel, but I think it must improve.