Nola cafe, 89 Ma May, Hanoi.

So, as a student of travel and hotel interest about services in my country grows everyday.

I thought that big 5-star hotels and restaurants has the highest rating  instead of “normal” hotels and restaurants around the Old Quarter of Hanoi. But I was wrong.

I’ve been in some five star hotel like Movenpick or Crown plaza, Sofitel plaza. I’m not talking about the facilities, the foods, but the attitude. In Southern Vietnam, receptionists always win awards from contests that National Department of Travelling every year. Tourists love to travel in southern Vietnam too. I don’t say that staff’s attitude here is bad, but it’s fake. From Hue, it starts to change. Everyone makes you feel comfortable. Makes you feel that you’re being taking care of. I always love that feeling when I visit Hue and Da Nang some years ago, and I thought that I would never see something like that in Hanoi. I was wrong again. Yesterday, I visited Nola cafe. We planned to go to other cafeteria but it was closed, and my friend took me there, with the recommend of her German friend. It was evening so I couldn’t take pictures of other area, but this is where we sat.

 photo Photo2188_zpsc2cdc9ed.jpg

 photo Photo2190_zps9f356965.jpg

One piano and 1/4 cello. I think they’re just for decorating, since the cello is on the world, with only three strings, lost brigde. I think if it’s set up, it will sound beautiful, as I see, it is an ancient one. And the keys of the piano are so heavy!

 photo Photo2192_zpsb06f6819.jpg

Ceiling is beautiful with this chandelier.

 photo Photo2189_zps4e686ed5.jpg

Old style lamp and bookshelf. That type of fan can only be seen in the last decade. How nostragic.

 photo Photo2191_zps3410cb47.jpg

 photo Photo2194_zpse627347c.jpg

I ordered mocha.

 photo Photo2193_zps32659fe8.jpg

I couldn’t try all foods here, but the drinks were good.
And the most important, attitude. They were really ” dedicated” and said ” thank you” after the payment. I’ve just never seen this in any cafeteria in Hanoi O_O even in big restaurants. It makes me want to come back.

Oh, after the training course in Crowne Plaza, I forgot to write a review about the horrible things happen behind the customers. But should I? It will ruins the fame of this hotel, but I think it must improve.


白夢の繭 ~Ricordando il passato

I’m in love with this song.

Oh anima effimera
che ti celi nel profondo dell’inganno,
chi hai continuato ad aspettare nel bosco deserto?

Privato di un’ala,
l’uccellino ha chiuso gli occhi in silenzio.

La sofferenza è svanita lontano;
ora l’uccellino non piange più.

Una morbida nebbia d’argento
Una morbida nebbia d’argento
avvolge teneramente ogni cosa.

Riposa, riposa in pace.

Nel racconto che ho scritto, puoi volare in libertà.

Ecco il mio ultimo incantesimo,
affinché la tua luce non conosca ombra.

Che lo splendido sogno dorato non venga infangato
dalla tristezza apportata dalla verità.

La foresta della colpa,
che consumava l’uccellino,
si è disseccata in silenzio.

Petali caduti al vento avvolgono
con dolcezza le guance pallide.

Quel giorno, quanti misteri
avrei dovuto risolvere per poterti portare via?

Riposa, riposa in pace.

Nell’illusione che hai creato,
ho conosciuto l’amore.

Non smetterò di pronunciare il tuo nome,
per continuare a dare vita ai tuoi desideri.

Che niente e nessuno ti trascini
nelle tenebre dell’oblio.

Riposa, riposa in pace.

Dolce amore…… in pace.

欺瞞の奥に潜む 儚い魂よ
誰も居ない森で あなたは誰を待ち続けたのですか?

片羽を奪われた 小さな鳥は

もう なくことはありません


眠れ 眠れ 安らかに

私の綴る物語の中で あなたは自由に羽ばたける


どうか 真実がもたらす悲しみに
金色の美しい夢が 穢されませんように

小鳥を蝕む 咎の森は


あの日 いくつの秘密を紐解けば
私はあなたを 救い出せたのでしょうか

眠れ 眠れ 安らかに


あなたの願いを 受け継ぐために

忘却の闇に あなたを奪われてしまわぬように

眠れ 眠れ 安らかに

愛しい人よ 安らかに

An old photo album.

Yesterday, when I went to the living room to check the door, I noticed an old book, wrapped up poorly in an nilon bag. I opened and surprised of those photos that I’ve never seen before. Maybe because I’m much closer to the father-family than the mother’s family like any typical Asian family does. ( In Vietnamese they call the father’s family is ” internal” family, and mother’s family is ” external” family as male-contempt has been deep into the subconscious of Asian country. Sure now they’re open their minds but not their actions. For example, a woman who lost her virginity is normal, no problems, but they demand the woman who they marry must be a virgin. How ridiculous. )

Eh? Am I degressing? Sorry for that. I can talk for hours about feminine rights.

Actually sometimes I want to keep virgin until marriage. See, I’m an example too. Can’t get out of prejudice. *slap myself*

So this is the cover, made of woods, with oil painting- Oil painting on wood( I’m not sure it’s called like this  because I don’t know much about art and craft so I just translate directly) The surface was polished and reflects the light so I tilted it.

This little picture describe a popular landscape of Southern Vietnam. People travel mostly by boat.

We even have ” floating market” like this

Inside the photo album, there is two seperated pictures in the left.


The smallest is my grandma and grandpa. He passed away since my mom was only 6. The largest is my grandma. I can say that she has not changed much, still that gentle smile as she is. The rest are some relatives and their friends, I guess.


Every page except the first is covered by this transparent paper, let’s look closer, it’s spider web pattern. To evoke the old feelings right?


And this is my grandma with uncle

…and with both children, my mom and him


No offend, but his face makes me want to laugh. And my mom’s face is pretty as she is always, but this one looks a little grumpy.

and some others aunts and uncles, and I realize that the woman in the back is my great grandma.She passed away five years ago, I have not much memories of her but remember the times when I visited her, I felt peace.

This must be my grandpa at somewhere. I can’t figure out.


And this some photos of him in the next page.


He was a university lecturer, the job that always has chance to visit foreign country. But around 1970s, Vietnam was quite close to Soviet Union, and I think he was in Russia, or somewhere in the Soviet Union at that time.

Another trip to China, at Tiananmen Square.


My grandma with some sisters. There is 3 large pictures at different pages. Maybe it’s a shot that she likes best so she sticked them on.

Her two sisters. They look alike each other O_O


And look this vintage style which is now trending again.


The polaroid photo. My mom and my uncle. They look really reluctant. Lol.
I wonder why I don’t look like her *_* She is way more prettier than me, said an old vietnamese idiom ” Peacock mom, owl daughter” *_*


I’m interested in the cover…I will find a photo album with the same type!
Bamboos, and boats…



What a nostalgic feeling…

” Tango da Napoli a Buenos Aires” – Tango from Napoli to Buenos Aires.

Today is not a good day for me. The suspended trip, got scolded for unknown reason and many things more…

But the jazz concert tonight relieved me. I went with my friend. She is studying at Italian department so we got the ticket at cheaper price than normal. This concert was held by Italian Ambassador. 


The artist are pianist Pino Jodice and accordionist/pianist Giuliana Soscia. I’m still impressed with her red dress. One more thing is the Steinway & Son piano, and the last is Hanoi Opera House. I’ll never stop being impressed by the architecture designed by French while they were here 100 years ago. The opera house was built in 1911, with the capacity of 500 people. Quite small.

Though I don’t listen to jazz much, so it’s a bit hard for me to enjoy the music completely. But by far, it was a great concert. The techniques of the two artists and one Vietnamese saxophonist Quyen Thien Dac is excellent. I think the best part of the concert was Villanella / Tarantella di Cenerentola- based on the ” Gatta Cenerentola”. Some pieces which was composed by G. Soscia is also interesting, like Passaggio del Delfini and Migration. 

Setlist was being introduced.


Performance. My camera is not good enough :-<


Handmade pen container.

 I was bored today, waiting for the test tomorrow. 

Mom bought me 2 cans of condensed milk last week, after using I suddenly wanted to keep it, though I didn’t know what to do with it yet until today, I found an ole notebook that I used to write many different things while I was in high school. After reviewing, I think it’s no use keeping it anymore so …

Here are the cans:



I just peel the label off then realize that no need to do that..=”=

Yeah, my handwriting was bad at that time, if I want to catch up with the teacher’s speed. Well, at the begining of 12th class, I turned from an excellent student into bad, in writing, and concentrating at class, but still high grades. Those were the days…Literature, Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry, History, all in one. Haha. 


And I take the cover of this notebook off. It was beautiful so I just can’t throw it away >< Just peel it off the thick cover. It is made of artifical leather, a thin layer of thin cloth, and a little of glue with little sparkling beads.


Shiny..~ You can call me tengu I like shiny thing and silver jeweleries.

Cut this into 2 pieces that fits the cans, it was easy…


Next I will use glue to stick them together, but this kind of glue is hardly has effect on this surface so I use tape at the tips. 

And this glue, it is commonly used in industrial work. I don’t remember the ingredients because I threw its box immediately after buying lol, but I know for sure that it is toxic. Let one drop pour in your skin and.. you will wait for days then it peels off itself. Or you can peel it, and scream in agony. Its smell is also annoying. Worse than onions, not only make your tear drops,  but can harm your lungs. It’s useful, no one can deny, but I wonder if it’s in children’s reach… too bad. Better keep it safely.


I edit some of the photos included in this post, but why my hand …=”= I have dark skin but it’s not as this. 




The last step was so obvious, just use that dangerous glue (lol) stick them, and now I have two shiny pen container, they’re simply but unique…Want one? lol



Well, I think this is the first time I write something…normal *yaoming face* but it’s quite relaxing…

Alone at home.

I stayed up late, one more time, last night. I read the score of opus2 ( Vivaldi) while fingering silently and then, bam, it’s Why time goes so fast?

Maybe I’m too idle recently.

With nothing to do, I start to rummage my memories, more than ever before, even while driving, yes, it’s dangerous, but I’m out of control and don’t know how to stop. 

I remember many things.

I remember the days when my mom carried me on her back and went across the street. 

Those scenes are haunting me.

Me and my cousin, playing on the yard, hold the colorful chalks and drew distorted figures on the ground.

The ancient gate, red bricks, the smell of moss on the wall with letter written by paints: ” unstable wall”

It’s still there, the only thing that left while all has changed, and…disappeared. 


I know, when the memories keep appearing in our minds, and then we drown in, daydreaming with regret, and that we want to go back… that’s when we’re about to run away from reality, because the fear of tomorrow, fear of future. 


Two years ago, time to prepare for university exam, it’s a decisive, and the most important exam of life.

I didn’t fall like this. I kept calm and handle all, with stillness. 

How did it all come to this?

Hope this will end soon.

She said

” T chết vì m mất, tại sao cs của m cứ gắn liền với những thứ chẳng đáng tin nthế. M nghĩ xem, giá như m đừng có vướng vào những chuyện như thế, t nghĩ cs m đã khác đi rất nhiều. Thực sự thì có lẽ giờ gặp thì t cũng khác ngày xưa, nhưng mà t biết m là người tốt, có lẽ do cuộc sống hay cái cách suy nghĩ của m hơi lệch lạc. Nhưng mà tao mong là m sẽ bắt đầu suy nghĩ khác đi. Cũng chẳng phải tao có cách nhìn đa chiều, tao gặp nhiều người giống m rồi. M sợ cô đơn và sợ bị lu mờ trong cái cuộc sống này nên m muốn được tỏa sáng, được mọi người để ý. T nói với m thế này thôi, m đừng theo đuổi những thứ xa hoa phù phiếm. Nó chẳng mang cho mày niềm hạnh phúc trọn vẹn, niềm vui nhất thời chẳng là gì khi phía sau là nỗi nhục nhã ê chề. Vì thế m nên biết cái gì nên nói và không nên, cái gì tốt và không tốt. Lớn rồi, 20 tuổi, thực ra, t nói thật, m sống vừa ích kỉ lại có sự nuông chiều bản thân quá lớn. M không có dự định gì cả, m chỉ có những tham vọng về những thứ không phù hợp vs m. Nếu m có dự định, m nói đi, m có thể cho t biết kế hoạch chi tiết của m về cuộc sống không? Dù chỉ đơn giản là ngày mai làm gì, làm gì để một ngày trôi qua không hề lãng phí? M biết không, không phải t quá tự tin đâu, nhưng ngày mai t biết t làm gì, thậm chí tối nay t biết t làm gì. Nói thật, không phải vì m từng là bạn t thì t chẳng hy sinh một buổi tối làm việc của mình vì m, thế nên t hy vọng m đừng phụ tao… M nên quý cái mà m có, khi nó mất đi rồi chẳng ai cho lại được. Bố mẹ m rồi cũng già yếu, cũng bỏ m bơ vơ thôi. Không phải m cứ tìm thứ ở nơi xa vời mà bỏ quên những thứ trước mắt, m bị ảo tưởng thì đúng hơn. M nên biết m là ai, m là cái gì. T hy vọng m sẽ tốt lên mỗi ngày. M cứ hy vọng mà m chẳng làm gì. Không dưng ai dễ đem phần đến cho mày đâu. Nói chung m cứ sống tốt đi.. Nó không phải hy vọng mà là một giấc mơ chẳng bao giờ có thể thành hiện thực. ..”