I once wished we hadn’t meet you. There were times I felt lonely and lost.

I look at my friends, they were the best students in the class. Their everything is better than me. Everything. Now, they’re struggling as everyone else, work, eat, shit, get mad of their bosses and spouses, complain or being proud of their children and enjoy gossiping on celebrities as a way to survive.

I look at them and I understand why my parents want me to be the same. It’s easy. The problems are common and solutions are many. Just like buying a popular bike, the spare parts are mundane and cheap. They survive because they lead a similar way of life. The divergent are despised.

But diversity is a vital factor. If a specie has the identical traits, it’s unlikely that they will survive a random disease. Especially a fatal one with slow progress. As they still delude themselves with “happiness” built of emotions and attachments, which are impermanent. Because a “normal” life is a delusion. Even if the physical needs, let’s say a family and children, or more, fame and money, are granted, then there will be a time, at least one, they will question their choices, and wonder what they would gain if they pursue what they wanted, and regret.

Sometimes I’m exhausted, but I’ve never regretted anything I’ve done. You too. And people like us.

Even my dearest held me back. It’s heartbreaking to accept the truth. Poor people might think they’re living but maybe they died a long time ago. Those who doesn’t appreciate time don’t deserve life. I despise them, those delusional phàm phu tục tử









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